Prototype (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009) Disc Only EL1026
Prototype (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009) Disc Only EL1026
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Prototype (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009) Disc Only EL1026

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Condition: This disc in in good condition. Disc Only. Disc has been tested and boots passed menu into game.


Product Information
In Prototype for Xbox 360, you can enjoy gaming as Alex Mercer, a scientist who has been turned into a shapeshifter that can control his own genetic structure. A viral epidemic is sweeping through the streets of Manhattan, and it’s up to Alex to uncover his potential and use his powers to save New York City. Fight monsters that have been infected by the virus, discover new abilities, and unravel a conspiracy that has been building for the past 40 years. Prototype was designed by developer Radical Entertainment and published by Activision for both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), with a release date in 2009 for North America. In 2015, new versions for Xbox One and PS4 became available. The game received high ratings across all platforms, though the version for Xbox 360 was one of the top-selling games for the summer of 2009, making it a Platinum Hit for the year. Prototype for Xbox 360 and Xbox One was lauded for its arsenal of moves and abilities. As Alex Mercer, you’re capable of transforming into anyone by using his shapeshifting ability to take on new forms and their accompanying skills. He can turn parts of his own body into a variety of implements, from musclemass to enhance his strength to full body armor for additional defense in battle. Vision modifications include infected vision, allowing him to pick out people who have been infected by the virus, as well as thermal version for locating enemies through certain obstacles. You’ll want to remain mobile as you travel through New York City, sprinting down streets and scaling walls easily thanks to Alex’s enhanced strength. With plenty of enemies milling about the city, you have ample opportunity to gain evolution points, which you can use to unlock more abilities. The game has a huge library of potential moves and abilities, and one of your goals is to collect as many points as possible to figure out the abilities that best suit your play style. If Alex takes damage while facing down monsters, he can gain back health by consuming an enemy and absorbing its biomass into his body. The Prototype games are known more for their gameplay than for their story, though this one does bring a tense narrative to the Xbox 360. Alex has hundreds of enemies, most of whom fall into two categories: the infected and the military. Within the military, you need to watch out for Blackwatch, an agency that has set up systems for creating biological weapons with which to bring Alex down. You also need the help of the other characters to find out exactly who Blackwatch is, as well as solve the mystery of the virus. Prototype for Xbox 360, also available on the Xbox One, combines horror and the main player’s creativity into a single action-packed game. Take on the forms of your enemies, gain evolution points to unlock more abilities, and try out different combinations to see which skills can best allow you to save New York City from this new evil.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Activision
UPC 0047875836112
eBay Product ID (ePID) 61681719

Product Key Features
Release Year 2009
Platform Microsoft Xbox 360
Game Name Prototype

Additional Product Features
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating M - Mature
Genre Action/Adventure, Adventure, Action/Adventure
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
Game Name Special Features Take the role of hero infected with a virus that gives him superhuman powers Seek revenge against those who stole your past, uncover a 40-year-old conspiracy.... Speed through a desolate N.Y.C. setting with genetically enhance
Location USA